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Court Transcription

The Ministry of Justice has appointed a panel of 20 transcription firms to transcribe certain Court Proceedings in England and Wales. Compril is a member of this Tape Transcription Panel and, as such, is authorised to transcribe Judgments and Proceedings from the High Court and County Court.

Litigants in person, Solicitors or other authorised bodies may apply to the Court for a transcript of:

  • The Judgment
  • The entire Proceedings
  • Part of the Proceedings

In the County Court the procedure for applying for a transcript is by way of Form EX107. This form may be obtained from any County Court or from the Court Service Website, or simply download the form from here. This form requires you to state that you have placed a firm order with a member of the Tape Transcription Panel.

If you would like us to give you a quote then telephone 01642 232324 or e-mail us at

Court transcripts are charged by the folio (72 words). If you are able to tell us the length of the Hearing then we will give you an approximate price for the transcript. Please note that it is not possible to give a precise figure until the transcript is complete and we can count the folios.

If you should choose to instruct us we would ask that you confirm by fax or e-mail.

The Court will then send the audio tapes to us for transcription. When we receive the tapes we will then send you an estimated invoice. We will ask you for settlement of this invoice at this stage unless special arrangements are agreed (e.g. if your case is publicly funded).

The standard turnaround time for a transcription is 15 working days but we will always endeavor to complete the transcription well within that period. Please note that in the case of Judgments, the completed transcript must be returned to the Judge for approval before we can release it to you. Once we receive the approval we will complete the amended transcript within 5 working days.

Expedited transcripts can be completed within 48 hours upon payment of a 20% premium.

Download Form EX 107 here.